Arthroscopic Arthroplasty Shoulder Academy

Arthroscopic Arthroplasty Shoulder Academy 1
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April 23, 2018

Annecy Arthroscopic Arthroplasty Shoulder Academy (AAASA) courses are co-organized by ASI and DePuy Institute, in Annecy – France, to give you the opportunity to access the best education in shoulder surgery and improve your skill. With the help of his team and the participation of international faculty, Laurent LAFOSSE is happy to welcome you to show you and teach you the best of his techniques and know how.

– AASA 1: April 22-24, 2018 – ENGLISH SPEAKING
– AASA 2: November 11-13, 2018 – ENGLISH SPEAKING

General Info: The courses are running on 3 days and are dedicated to surgeons experienced in Shoulder Arthroscopy or Arthroscopy. The courses are CME credited (ECMEC). At the end of the training, surgeons will receive an access to our online video platform with all live Surgeries performed during the course.


Live Surgeries: Performed by Dr. L. Lafosse with the Faculty. Pre-op processes, setup of the patient on the table in the OR, the operation itself.

Lectures: Dr. L Lafosse his team, and the Faculty will present lectures focusing on Rotator Cuff repair, Instability repair, Shoulder Arthroscopy, or Arthroplasty. The goal is to give attendees some feedback in terms of personal experience, Tips & Tricks, studies analysis, future trends in Shoulder surgery. After each lecture, attendees will participate in a Q&A session.

Workshop Demo: Dr. Lafosse his team and the Faculty Shoulder Arthroscopic techniques. Topics: Knot tying, latarjet saw bone, Bankart Sawbone, shoulder rotator cuff…

Faculty Member: All faculty members attending AASA courses are : Expert in Arthroscopy, recognized as KOL in their country, recognized as KOL at International Level, producer of Scientific papers.