Fellowships at the Alps Surgery Institute (ASI) have been completed by surgeons from France, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Poland, England, Germany, Syria, Switzerland and the United States. The Institute is able to accommodate three types of fellow into its work and educational framework.

Working at the Alps Surgery Institute is a valuable experience. By participating to the clinical services, shoulder surgeries and elaboration of research papers with Drs Laurent & Thibault LAFOSSE, you’ll gain better abilites to perform as a shoulder surgeon and become a clinical & acamedic leader in the field shoulder surgery. 

1. One Year Fellowship – This fully recognized fellowship offers the applicant the opportunity to be an integral part of one of the most prestigious and specialized shoulder and upper limb units in the world. There are usually two fellows within the unit with this tenure each year. Since the unit performs over 500 upper limb cases each year, and that the fellows are generally present at almost all operating lists, the experience to be gained cannot be surpassed.

2. Six-month fellowship – This fellowship enables surgeons to take an active part in the department. Operative experience will be gained as well as research opportunities and participation in educational activities and day to day running of the department. A reasonable degree of French language would enable the fellow to get the most out of the placement.

3. Three-month fellowship – A short three-month observership/fellowship may be available under certain circumstances. Fellows would join the team and participate in all activities of within the institute.

Note: Constraints related to visa problems do not allow us to offer applicants from a country outside UE a fellowship for more than 3 months.

Role of the ASI fellows

Fellows will be involved in clinical research activities.

The roles of the Fellow include:

– Undertake specialist shoulder surgery training by being part of the Alps Surgery Institute

– Assist in the day to day running of the unit. In particular, the fellow must ensure the smooth running of the operation lists.

– Continue the collection of clinical information for the Institute’s database. This includes the pre-operative assessment of patients as well as data collection in peri- and post-operative settings.

– Assist in the outpatient’s department and clinics

– Contribute to ongoing research projects

– Facilitate the smooth running of ASI meetings

– Undertake and complete scientific or clinical research as part of the Institute. It is expected that a fellow would have completed 3 projects by the end of their 1-year placement and that these studies are ready for presentation or submission for publication before the end of their placement

– Bring new ideas and innovations to the department so that the institute can evolve.


Essential Criteria for all Fellows

– The fellow will have passed his or her specialist orthopaedic exam and will be in the final 2 years of his/her 6 year training period.

– The fellow must have suitable evidence of full registration with the medical regulatory body of their home country as well as evidence of health clearance to practice medicine.

– Language – the fellow must be reasonably fluent in conversational French and it would be desirable if he/she had an understanding of English. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT A FELLOW ON A ONE YEAR FELLOWSHIP IS FLUENT IN FRENCH.

– IT skills – the fellow will be expected to have a good knowledge of and understanding of data collection and analysis and it is essential that they are comfortable using Microsoft Excel and Access.

– A suitable fellow will have the initiative to contribute to the Institute’s knowledge base and experience. Since the unit is small, the working environment is always friendly and team-based and fellows are always welcomed and treated as valued members.

The Institute may consider the possibility of funding for surgeons participating in a one year fellowship.

Fellows of the unit may also benefit from a large reduction in the cost of lunch in the hospital’s restaurant.

Salary: 1 500 €/month

Lunch: about 3,50 €/meal